Attending a church is about more than faith — it’s about the people. 

At Village Green we truly value our community, make the time to know people, and like being able to share time and life.

You’ll find that Village Green has many ways to be involved — to be part of the uplifting experience of being a Christian. Whether it’s experiencing the service or having a role to make it happen, people are threaded through our wonderful church.

At Village Green we understand that people have unique skills and gifts, and there is joy when people get to share those skills with others.

And we appreciate the challenges of life, and how each person has struggles and successes. Being connected is a big part of getting through things and celebrating things.

At Village Green we care about people.

“I’d like to get connected.”
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Here are some of the ways that we make people a priority at Village Green:

  • We have Greeters inside the front door to welcome people and help them find things.
  • Our Hospitality team provides coffee and home-made muffins before and after the service.
  • The Welcome Centre has lots of chatting and connecting.
  • Families with children are helped by the cheerful Kids Connection team members.
  • Children are welcome in the service, then can head to the Kids Connection part way through.
  • Our Youth program offers older kids their own space to connect.
  • There is lots of singing in our services, and our Musicians help it be a joyous and moving time.
  • We have Ushers to help organize the morning.
  • The Production team uses the sound board and Powerpoint to add to the service.
  • There is a Prayer Room, where a person can be comforted and connect with God.
  • We have Soup Sunday once a month in the cold months, making and sharing a warm meal.
  • The Creative team explores artistic ways to enrich our church experience.
  • Our Life Groups, of a dozen or so, get together in our homes to have a snack, talk and learn.
  • Our Office Staff is helped by Volunteers, preparing things for Sunday.
  • We are Neighbours, being part of our community.
  • We run Special Events, like our Fall Festival, with lots of ways to have fun.
  • Our Facebook page is an active place of celebrations, announcements and community.