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Priorities, What are Yours?


Whether we are aware of them or not we all have priorities in life.  As we face another year full of new opportunities and challenges, let’s focus our priorities in a way that sets life right. Psalm 73:25-28 Click here to see the Powerpoint slides.



As a year comes to a close and a new one is dawning, we often find ourselves framing tomorrow through the lens of the past. What if God isn’t finished with us quite yet? In this closing message of 2017 we are reminded that our story is never complete until every chapter is written. Matthew […]

What Child is This? Part 3


A Father’s Heart Joseph’s life is a telling study of a father’s heart, especially in the cultural dilemma he finds himself in. Whenever we are confronted by the truth of Jesus, we face a crisis with culture. Matthew 1:18-25 Click here to see the Powerpoint slides.

What Child is This? Part 2


Wondering? For Mary, the reality of her place in history was never far from her mind. What Mary wondered about her child, is repeated for everyone who comes face to face with Jesus. Luke 2:, 19, 51 Click here to see the Powerpoint slides.

What Child is This? Part 1


The Name Game Few things can spark joy and hope like the birth of a baby, especially if its destined for greatness. Centuries ago, a prophet predicted a birth, one destined for a life so wonderful, a single name could not contain his legacy. Isaiah 9:6-7 Click here to see the Powerpoint slides.

What Grace is This?


The Christmas season brings for many a renewed sense of hope. In this message, we look at the Incarnation, a reminder of where our hope lies and the greatest expression of grace the world has ever known. Galatians 4:4-7 Click here to see the Powerpoint slides. Devon Snelgrove, Matthew Burkholder and Jon Korkidakis

heavyWAITS – Part 4


Light Ahead In this closing message we look a passage written to speak into one of the darkest periods for the nation of Israel. The message for them still holds true today and transforms any season of waiting into hopeful anticipation.  Isaiah 40:25-31 Click here to see the Powerpoint slides.

heavyWAITS – Part 3


Waiting Through the Pain Suffering – it comes in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t discriminate and it doesn’t play favourites. How do we manage when we feel the weight of pain without relief? 2 Corinthians 4:6-12 Click here to see the Powerpoint slides.