Sermons from August 2012

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A big God


Too often we forget how big God is and how powerfully He is at work in our world and in our lives.  Whether it is out of self-reliance, self-preservation or self-absorption, we tend to build walls around ourselves that hinder our ability to see God’s activity around us.  Thankfully for us, God is in the […]

Songbook of the Heart – Part 5 – Anthem


There are so many voices competing to be heard, but which ones should we be listening to? In the midst of all the noise around us, there are two voices we need to listen to carefully. Date: 2012-Aug-19,Duration: 22 minutes,Series:  Songbook of the Heart – Part 5, Speaker:  Jon Korkidakis, Passage:  Psalm 19

Songbook of the Heart – Part 4 – Travelin’


None of us knows the future. In fact, when we are forced to look ahead it can generate a lot of tension. In this Psalm we learn the keys to help us whenever we ask, “What does the future hold?” Date: 2012-Aug-12,Duration: 35 minutes,Series:  Songbook of the Heart – Part 4,Speaker:  Jon Korkidakis,Passage:  Psalm 121