Sermons from June 2013

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Breakthrough – Part 3


Are there superficial barriers that we sometimes put in place that actually keep people from experiencing God? In this message we look at one of the most fascinating stories in Acts, where God himself removes a restriction that had been used as a barrier for centuries. Duration: 42 minutes, Speaker: Jon Korkidakis, Passage: Acts 11:1-10 […]

Breakthrough – Part 2


If you’ve been a Follower of Jesus for any length of time you’ve experienced the tension of obeying God. Whether its at work, in our relationships, and even in our faith, we come across those moments when obedience is tough. Duration: 42 minutes, Speaker: Jon Korkidakis, Passage: Acts 5:29-42 Powerpoint: Click Here

Breakthrough – Part 1


In this concluding message we look at the most challenging story in the New Testament regarding giving. It takes what we normally consider to be the principles of generosity and gives it an entirely new meaning. Duration: 30 minutes, Speaker: Jon Korkidakis, Passage: Acts 2:1-13 Powerpoint: Click Here

Fight to Follow Part 2


In 1986 the Beastie Boys proclaimed that “you’ve got to fight for your right to party”, but centuries before that Jesus spoke about the kingdom of heaven, about a lasting hope through reconnecting with God and about possessing a faith that is truly worth fighting for. Today’s message is based on Romans 8:1-14. Powerpoint: Click […]