Sermons from September 2013

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Ten – Part 3


In this message we are introduced to Abram, a man whose faith becomes the prototype for every believer who follows. Before there was the nation of Israel, the Ten Commandments or even the Law, there was Abram and his faith. For Sarah: Abram’s faith – his trusting in God’s promises is the deciding factor in […]

Ten – Part 2


They are probably the most haunting questions plaguing humanity. Why does evil exist? Why do we continue to see brokenness, illness and pain? In this message we hone in on a chapter of the Bible that gives us the answer to the root of the problem.    Powerpoint: Click Here      Powerpoint: Click Here  

Ten – Part 1


Many consider that all religions are basically the same, that at their core they each profess similar ideologies. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In this 10 part series we look at the ten chapters of the Bible you absolutely need to know in order to understand the distinct place of Christianity in the […]

Beyond The Surface – Part Two


How do we move from who we are to who we want to become, or even who God wants us to be? In this message we look at the characteristics that help shape a life of spiritual vitality. 

Beyond The Surface – Part One


Have you ever struggled with who you are? Ever wished you were someone else? We long to be better than we are but moving from the person we are to the person we long to be is rarely easy. In this message we look at the two hurdles we face in our desire to become […]