Sermons from May 2017

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Walk This Way – Part 6

Power Up. Is there a difference between being religious and being spiritual? One evokes a negative stereotype while the other portrays images of placid existence amid peaceful waters. Whatever label gets applied frames the way we come to understand the spiritual dimension. In this message we look at a passage that guides us in understanding […]

Walk This Way – Part 5

Secret Sauce Acting like a Christian is much easier than reacting like one. Our responses often convey where we struggle most in our faith and beliefs. Nowhere is it truer than when we are suffering. Its in these moments that the essence of what we believe becomes the compass for how we live. In this […]

Walk This Way – Part 4

Stumbling We know that no human being is perfect. Yet, once we have been tagged as being religious we are suddenly expected to be perfect. We all stumble from time to time but does it mean that God cannot use us to touch others? In this message we look at a confrontation between two of […]

Walk This Way – Part 3

Mountaineers Some consider it a leap in the dark, while others treat it as the remedy for sickness and poverty. Regardless, a life of faith can still be a life of difficulty. How then, do we manage the expectations that faith is a magic potion for curing all of life’s ills?In this message we look […]