Sermons from June 2017

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Street TALK – Part 1


Gone Fishing Some opportunities we leap at with excitement and anticipation, while others we are slow to move on and take advantage of.  Why is that?  Today’s bible passage is about two men who did not hesitate to embrace the opportunity of a lifetime.  Their decision has a lot to teach us about what to […]



Relentless In a world of constant change, God’s love remains the same.  It is dependable in and out of every season.  It is steady in the good times and the bad.  If you are looking for stability, or searching for something to hold onto that won’t let you down or let you go…look no further […]

Making Plans


Making Plans What do we do when our plans turns to dust? For one, we tend to jettison the thoughts of a hopeful future and even begin to ridicule our own dreams. Somewhere in the mix we may even begin to doubt if God cares. In this message we learn that in the midst of […]

Walk This Way – Part 7

One Another We are told as believers that we need to grow? As Followers of Jesus, our lives should not be static, but an ever growing progression into the likeness of Christ. What should that growth look like and what does it primarily consist of? In this concluding message we look at a passage that […]