Series – Continuum

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Continuum – Part 5

In this final message we look at the people of God as a distinct community – a continuum from the earliest pages of the Bible. Today we know it as the church. No institution matches its dynamics or its purpose. Despite rumours of its decline, and the continual attacks that it faces, Jesus promised that […]

Continuum – Part 4


A deliverer for the nation of Israel – such were the eager expectations of a people who yearned for the person that God would send to free them once and for all. This prevailing hope foretold in the Old Testament is rooted in the coming of the Messiah. For the Gospel writers, the hope of […]

Continuum – Part 2


One of the key characteristics of the Jewish people is the Old Testament Law – a system given by God that covers everything from the clothes they wear, to the type of sacrifices that are acceptable. As New Testament believers, how do we manage the Law, with all its sacrifices and rituals, especially in light of […]

Continuum – Part 1


It consists of 66 books, a collection formed over a period of almost 2000 years. Yet, despite all the different authors, the span of years, and the various contexts and genres, the Bible forms one cohesive grand story, from Genesis to Revelation