Series – Damaged Goods

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Damaged Goods – Part 4


If you were to ask God what He thinks of you what do you think His answer would be? What would be the basis of His answer? If there was a way of knowing how God measures His love towards you would it make a difference in the way you live? In this concluding message […]

Damaged Goods – Part 3


According to Murphy’s Law: anything that can go wrong will go wrong.  At times life can feel like absolutely everything is stacked up against us.  Is it luck?  Is it fate?  Or is it something else?  More importantly, how can we find a way forward when it feels like even God is against us? Psalm […]

Damaged Goods – Part 2


Unexpected Outcome We can’t always control the people or the circumstances that surround us, but we can control not only our response, but the way it frames our story. Genesis 50:14-21 Click here to see the Powerpoint slides.

Damaged Goods – Part 1


I Want It Now We’ve all made bad decisions that hurt those we love and later fill us with regret. Is there a way back or are we forever to be marked as damaged goods because of mistakes in our past? Luke 15:11-32 Click here to see the Powerpoint.