Series – Game Changer

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Game Changer – Part 5


If you have ever pushed yourself beyond your comfort zone and felt the excitement of experiencing something life changing, you understand the importance of being stretched.  Some experiences in life have the ability to not only stretch us but in the process expand the boundaries of our lives and change the world.

Game Changer – Part 4


One small-minded man, one well-placed tree and one glorious encounter with Jesus forever transformed the life of Zacchaeus, revealing to us that when we learn to give, our lives will never be the same.

Game Changer – Part 3


Every single human being wants to belong, to be accepted, respected and regarded as someone of importance and value. True and meaningful relationships are hard to come by…but they aren’t beyond our reach.

Game Changer – Part 2


A Psalm-writer from history exposes some of the many myths commonly believed about the Bible and reveals that, contrary to popular belief, it is not a book of rules and restrictions but a guide to life lived to the fullest.  Written years ago, the Bible holds within its pages deepest wisdom and life changing truth […]

Game Changer – Part 1


When was the last time you felt stuck?  Life doesn’t always require a complete overhaul, sometimes all you need is a little tweak.  Game Changer is a five part sermon series examining the secret to living your life with more purpose and passion than ever before. One move can change everything. For many of us […]