Series – Jesus: In His Own Words

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Jesus: In His Own Words – Part 3


Jesus claimed to be the gate, but a gate to what? In our spiritually sanitized culture we have come to embrace a myriad of options when it comes to the pathway to God. In this message we learn how the claims of Jesus produce far more than just a portal to God.  

Jesus – In His Own Words – Part 2


Darkness: all-encompassing, all-consuming. It’s a shared experience for most of us. Whether we’ve felt the darkness inside of us through pain and hurt, or experienced it on the outside through a culture that struggles with the reality of evil, it’s often an unwelcomed companion. Given its propensity to invade our lives, the ability to vanquish […]

Jesus – In His Own Words – Part 1


What is it that ultimately satisfies us? I’m sure the answers can be as varied as the people being asked. I would even venture another question. Do we even know what would satisfy us? It’s a probing question to an insatiable desire we all have inside of us. It’s something Jesus recognized as he interacted with the […]