Series – Mind the Gap

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Mind the Gap – Part 3


Deserving Is there a general posture to prayer? Is there a script, a time of day, or even a liturgy that gains the ear of God more than others? We naturally want our prayers to be answered, but could there be a priority to what God hears? Luke 18:9-14 Click here to see the Powerpoint […]

Mind the Gap – Part 2


Never Give Up We naturally admire those who persevere under incredible odds. They succeed despite the challenges they face and make a difference where others fail. What is true as a general life principle is also true in our spiritual lives as well. The ability to trust God and to persevere in praying, despite what […]

Mind the Gap – Part 1


Global It is almost surprising the amount of hatred generated over simple belief. Yet, for many around the world, their lives are in constant peril because of their faith in Jesus. John 15:18-27 Click here to see the Powerpoint slides.