Series – Quake

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Quake – Part 6


Everybody has them.  They fill our lives with purpose and even passion, but they also cause great pain and heartache.  We literally cannot live without them, but even at their best, they are filled with mistakes and need repair.  How do we best manage them?  Is redemption in our relationships really possible?

Quake – Part 5


The way we face hardship and difficulty is usually a reflection of what we base our hope upon. But in those moments, the basis of our hope gets challenged in many ways. How do we manage life when suffering comes to call? In this message we look at the life of the apostle Paul, a […]

Quake – Part 4


We often find ourselves in situations that make us wonder, “Where is God?”  Those are the moments when discouragement can get the best of us. But time after time we can be guilty of not having a right understanding of God or asking the question too soon, because God tends to show up at exactly […]

Quake – Part 3


Just like a physical quake, the toll our emotions can have are without question. There are two emotionally potent weapons that we wield that are particularly harmful and directly affect our ability to experience joy. Especially when they are turned inward. What can we do to counteract them and free us from their destructiveness?

Quake – Part 2


Just like a physical quake, our emotions can wreak havoc with our well-being. Considered one of the great maladies of our culture, it has affected the lives of many. In this message we look at the consequences of our emotions can and gain biblical insights on how to control and manage them.

Quake – Part 1


Life can seem as if it’s nothing more than a blur. Time is relentless in its progress and each day just folds into the next. What can stand the test of time? If time is considered a test, what criterion is there for passing? In this message we look at what affects our view of […]