Series – Ripples

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Ripples – Part 6


Master Plan Ripples — Part 6 Acts 16:6-15 At times life can appear to be no more than a random collection of coincidental occurrences and chance encounters.  And yet, every once in a while we catch a glimpse of God’s perfect plan weaving its way through the chaos.  Today’s message focuses on one such moment […]

Ripples – Part 5


Day in and day out when everything in life feels the same and nothing seems exciting we have the tendency to believe that our lives are insignificant.  But significance isn’t always achieved with flash and amazement, it comes most often through consistency, perseverance and faith.  In today’s message, we are reminded of how ordinary everyday living can […]

Ripples – Part 4

We can become so engrossed in doing something that over time we can forget why we are doing it in the first place. This can be true of our spiritual lives as well. The routines that become part of faith soon lead to spiritual drift and complacency. In this message we learn how a surprise discovery […]

Ripples – Part 3 (Audio Difficulties)


There are many moments where we can justify a decision to give up. It could be a lack of progress, or a feeling that we’re not making a difference. The reasons are many. But giving up for whatever reason can hinder one important reality: The possibility of how God could have used it. In this […]

Ripples – Part 2


To claim a monopoly on this is one of the fastest ways to start a fight, or at the very least make everyone uncomfortable. As believers we are taught to wield it with humility and love.   In this installment we look at an unusual story from the Old Testament where prophets speak before two […]

Ripples – Part 1


Fear. It invades our lives at so many levels-personal, cultural, and even spiritual. There are few areas where it doesn’t play a role in the decisions and actions we make. Fear is most dangerous though, when it forces us to make decisions that put us potentially at odds with the culture around us. How do we […]