Series – What If?

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What If – Part 6


In this concluding message we come to the ultimate “What If” scenario and present a biblical argument for the most important ingredient in life, and the way it contributes to understanding God’s will.  

What If? – Part 5


What gives life meaning and purpose? Is it our successes or achievements, or is it something else? Is it the impact we’ve had on others, or the legacy we leave behind? We all long for lives that are rich and meaningful. In this message we uncover what Jesus taught about life’s ultimate purpose.

What if? – Part 3


For centuries it has served as fodder for music, poetry, movies, and plays. We have difficulty defining and managing it, but little trouble recognizing when it’s gone. Without it life would hardly be worth the effort, but when its in full bloom nothing else matters. In this message we ponder the difference that love makes, […]

What If? – Part 2


What if life were nothing more than a test preparing us for the final exam? What questions would be the most important to have answered and how differently would we invest our time and priorities? In this message we study the answer that Jesus gives to one of the most important “What If” question we […]

What If? – Part 1


We begin a new series this week entitled, “What If?” In this opening message we look at those moments when the question is most on our minds and how it affects our decisions and direction in life.