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Street TALK – Part 1


Gone Fishing Some opportunities we leap at with excitement and anticipation, while others we are slow to move on and take advantage of.  Why is that?  Today’s bible passage is about two men who did not hesitate to embrace the opportunity of a lifetime.  Their decision has a lot to teach us about what to […]



Relentless In a world of constant change, God’s love remains the same.  It is dependable in and out of every season.  It is steady in the good times and the bad.  If you are looking for stability, or searching for something to hold onto that won’t let you down or let you go…look no further […]

Scandal – Part 3

Take No Chances Good Friday casts a long shadow in the short life of Jesus. Unjustly tried and then crucified, the hope that he brought to a waiting world had been dashed upon a Roman cross. In this message we continue to look at the circumstances that prompted religious leaders to condemn a perfect man. […]

Scandal – Part 2


Push In this message, we discuss the injustice of the trial that proclaimed Jesus to be guilty. In the process we discover some of the sacrifices we often make when we push ahead with our own plans without stopping to consider the plan of God. Mark 14:53-65

Ever Present – Part 1


Living a life fully-alive and filled with faith in Jesus isn’t easy in a world so battered and bruised by sin.  The strength to face every challenge with Christ-like power requires more than we can manage on our own.  But we are not alone, and we are not left powerless in our pursuit of faithfulness.  […]



Psalm 46 Being surrounded can make us feel trapped; it can leave us filled with fear, worry and a deep sense of hopelessness, especially when there seems to be no way out.  What do we do when life backs us into a corner and fear surrounds us?  Where can we run and find rescue?  Where […]

Damaged Goods – Part 3


According to Murphy’s Law: anything that can go wrong will go wrong.  At times life can feel like absolutely everything is stacked up against us.  Is it luck?  Is it fate?  Or is it something else?  More importantly, how can we find a way forward when it feels like even God is against us? Psalm […]

The Piece of God – Part 3


Just Arrived We are told that patience is a virtue and that good things come to those who wait.  For one man in particular, a lifetime of waiting is rewarded with the greatest gift ever — to finally see with his eyes what his heart longingly hopes for. Luke 2:25-35 Click here to see the […]

The Story of My Life – Part 5


It’s Too Late We often make assumptions that those who are successful in life have an easy path into the next.  What if heaven grades us on a totally different curve? Luke 16:19-31 Click here to see the Powerpoint slides.

The Story of My Life – Part 4


Do Something Missed deadlines and opportunities have a way of becoming later regrets.  What if we learned a principle that moved us to action rather than becoming paralyzed by fear? Luke 19:11-27 Click here to see the Powerpoint slides.