Village Green Community Church is now able to receive your financial donations on-line.

This allows you to make both one-time and automated monthly donations using a credit card or a Paypal account.

We use Paypal – a trusted and secure financial system used by millions of people every day. You can learn more about Paypal by clicking here.

All donations of $10 or more will receive a Canadian charity tax receipt from the church at the end of the year. Paypal can also print a temporary receipt as a reminder of how much you’ve given. If you donate monthly, Paypal will send you an email each time it does an automatic donation on your behalf. But the church receipt issued at the end of the year is the official one for tax purposes.

We thank you for helping us live our motto: Love God, Love Others, and Change the World.

Click here to make a one-time financial contribution to Village Green.
Click here to start an automated monthly financial contribution to Village Green.