Missions Sunday - 2016-Sep-11

We had flags in the service, a sermon by Carluci, soup sunday with 20 types of soup, and 6 special rooms featuring information about our global Missions Partners.

Thanks to Lynne for providing the vase and palm leaves

Palm Sunday 2016

We had a beautiful Palm Sunday celebration of Jesus entering Jerusalem.


Baseball - 2015

Here are photos from our 2015 season. Thanks to all the players and the fans who came out to cheer us on.


Christmas Eve 2014

We had a beautiful Christmas Eve service.


New Building Wing

In the fall of 2014 Village Green is growing. Here are photos of the new wing in progress.


Baseball - 2014

Our Village Green baseball team had great hits and a great year! Cheers for the team and its fans!

1st 2 services linda byers greeter 20140914_084409-lrg.jpg

First 2-service day 2014-Sep-14

Our first day with 2 services was a wonderful time, with a full complement of music, wisdom, joy and attendence at both services.


Building our new wing

Our new youth wing will add room for Village Green to grow and share even more.


Easter 2014

Jon brought us to the road where two disciples met the resurrected Jesus, and went from being confused and hopeless to being transformed. The congregation participated in an Easter art event of the empty tomb.


Soup Sunday - 2014-Mar-9

Our second lasqt Soup Sunday of this season was wonderful, with so many soups and a great community time.


Soup Sunday - 2014-Feb-09

Our fourth Soup Sunday of the season had dozens of soup and plates of cookies too.


Soup Sunday - 2013-Dec-8

Our third Soup Sunday of this season was another hit, with lots of types of soup and a great community time.


Candlelight celeration 2013-Dec-24

Our candlelight service was wonderful: full of amazing music, sharing and community.


Carolyn Weber Event - 2013-Nov-16

We were delighted to host Carolyn Weber, author of "Holy is the day". Women were invited to share the evening, enjoy some dessert and and to purchase a copy of Carolyn's latest book.


Fall Festival 2013

We had a sunny September day to share fun and community at Village Green Community Church. Thanks to the hundreds who visited and the many wonderful volunteers!

2013 winners IMG_9451-lrg.jpg

Baseball - 2013

Don and the team are having a lot of fun this year, and we've even been in first place!


Baptisms 2013-June-09

We witnessed three baptisms and shared a wonderful family and community time.


Kids Clothesline April 2013

Village Green hosted a neighbourhood kids clothing and toy sale, with 30 tables and lots of cheerful participants.

coldest-night-2013-09-through downtown - lots of honking and waving 2013-Feb-23-DSC07590-lrg.jpg

Coldest Night of the Year 2013

For a second year, Village Green walkers took part in the Coldest Night of the Year, helping to raise funds for Mission Services and raise community awareness.


Soup Sunday - 2013-Feb-10

The cold winter day didn't cool the fun and great community of another Soup Sunday.


Candlelight Christmas Eve

We celebrated Christmas with a special evening service, complete with candlelight.


Christmas Potluck Dinner 2012

This Christmas season we celebrated with a big potluck dinner, with lots of food and all ages. It was a fantastic night of community, crafts and great food.


Nativity Scenes

The Village Green community brought in Nativity scenes to be centre pieces at the Christmas Potluck dinner, December 14, 2012.


Soup Sunday - 2012-Dec-02

Our second Soup Sunday had oodles of ladles, and lots of fun.

VG 2012-Apr-29-P2050427-lrg.jpg

Music Team

Our music team is a big part of our weekly service, helping us to share moments in song and contemplation.


Soup Sunday - 2012-Nov-11

We are starting a new season of Soup Sundays, with lots of tasty soups, hearty chilli, and wonderful community.


Speaker Photos

This photo album has photos of our speakers, including those presenting a sermon.


Soup Sunday

When it's cold outside it's warm at Village Green. Soup Sunday is our special community meal, held once a month after the service during the cold months.


Parental Dedication 2012-Sep-9

We celebrated three more families' commitment to raising their children in faith.

jeff hopkins 84-2012-Aug-16-P2260697.JPG

Staff in action

We have a wonderful staff here at Village Green, and it shows in the many moments they are part of.

vg service 2013-Jan-06-DSC02508-lrg.jpg

Service Moments

A Village Green service can be special in many ways.

The author and a fan (Carolyn and Angela)

Women's Breakfast - 2012-Oct-27

Almost 100 women enjoyed a special breakfast event, with author and Village Green member, Carolyn Weber. It was a wonderful morning of community.

don brooks israel 2012-Oct-20-1.jpg

Men's Breakfast - 2012-Oct-20

The guest speaker was Don Brooks, who has toured Israel 9 times. Don combined a slide show with Bible passages and geographical insights.

VG baseball 2008.jpg

Baseball - 2008

The baseball team of 2008.


Baseball - 2011

Village Green continued its baseball fun in 2011.

VG baseball 2012 - SpringSum12 1020-lrg.jpg

Baseball - 2012

Don and the team had a good year, having fun and making it to 4th in the tournament.


Coldest Night Walk - 2012-Feb-25

We had 3 teams helping Mission Services in the Coldest Night of the Year walk. We raised money, raised our awareness and had a frosty walk -- visiting the Men's Mission and having a great chilli meal afterwards.


Finger Foods - 2012-Apr-28

The annual Finger Foods evening was held in April, with a tasty turnout of dishes and samplers. Thanks to everyone who cooked, baked and tasted the goodies.


Baptisms - Sharon Conservation Area

We had a beautiful sunny day on July 22, 2012 for our baptism service at the Sharon Conservation area.