The Walkin Freezers were back for a second year on February 23, 2013, helping to raise funds for Mission Services, and sharing the community of 160 people in yellow toques. As we walked through downtown London there were lots of horns honking support and people asking what we were doing. They knew we were doing something good!

coldest-night-2013-01-john checked in his sponsorships 2013-Feb-23-DSC07390-lrg.jpg
John did a great job, finding dozens of sponsors and helping Mission Services.
John and Rob getting warm before heading out.
coldest-night-2013-04-a prayer and we are on our way 2013-Feb-23-DSC07525-2-lrg.jpg
There was a good send-off and prayer.
coldest-night-2013-05-john and rob ready to head out IMG_0400-lrg.jpg
We've got our yellow toques!
coldest-night-2013-06-walkin freezers 2013-Feb-23-DSC07540-lrg.jpg
The Walkin Freezers are ready to go! Carol, Myra, Rob and John.
coldest-night-2013-07-heading out IMG_0408-lrg.jpg
And we're off, to head west on Oxford, then south on Richmond.
coldest-night-2013-09-through downtown - lots of honking and waving 2013-Feb-23-DSC07590-lrg.jpg
Lots of people honked and cheered. They knew something good was happening.
coldest-night-2013-10-carol and myra walkin 2013-Feb-23-DSC07552-2-lrg.jpg
Carol and Myra walkin'.
coldest-night-2013-13-mens mission warmup IMG_0417-lrg.jpg
Getting warm at the Men's Mission. Hot chocolate!
coldest-night-2013-15-johns spirits are high 2013-Feb-23-DSC07631-lrg.jpg
The walk north was in dusk.
coldest-night-2013-16-passing quintin warner house 2013-Feb-23-DSC07622-lrg.jpg
Rob outside Quintin Warner House, one of Mission Services facilities.
coldest-night-2013-17-john and rob in dusk 2013-Feb-23-DSC07651-lrg.jpg
Still smiling after 4 kilometers.
There were volunteers on each corner to guide us along the route.
Done! Time for chili, with Mission Services director, Deb Miller, and Nicole.

2012 Photos

We had 3 teams helping Mission Services in the Coldest Night of the Year walk. We raised money, raised our awareness and had a frosty walk — visiting the Men’s Mission and having a great chilli meal afterwards.

Janet and Jason wearing their team colours.
London's town crier rang the bell to send us on our way.
Heading west along Oxford, wearing our blue event toques.
Dale and John warming up at the Men's Shelter pit stop.
Heading north in the twilight, thinking about the homeless.
Sue enjoyed being part of the walk.
More of the Village Green walking teams.
Jane, Don, Jason and Dale sense the camera.
The Walkin' Freezers was one of our 3 teams.